What Inspiyahs Alecia?
Being able to be a bridge for those in need is what inspires me. Big or small it does not matter. Serving in its smallest measure is more important as long as I am able to give.
Why Inspiyah is Important to Me
“Always be kind” is a phrase I try to live by. Growing up in the ghetto, I’m no stranger to other people’s charity; that makes me especially passionate about helping others. I know how far a little can go so I try to keep a spirit of giving no matter how big or small.


What Inspiyahs Decoda?
Service. The notion that I can make a positive influence in someone’s life, no matter how small it may be. The joy it brings to someone and the hope that they will in turn pay it forward.
Why Inspiyah is Important to Me?
I am passionate about giving back because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to see their dreams come true. If one can assist with that, they should. Giving back also keeps you humble. It allows you to recognize that at any given moment, it could be you who needs the hand up.